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Family Day at the Ohio Statehouse

More details coming soon!

Date: Saturday, January 10th

Time: 1:00PM – 4:00PM

Location: Ohio Statehouse Atrium

RSVP: Not needed – All are welcome!

Swearing-In Ceremony of Governor John R. Kasich & Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor

Date: Monday, January 12th

Time: 11:30AM

Location: The Southern Theater – Columbus

*Ticket and RSVP Required

You’re invited to enter for a chance to attend the Inauguration of Governor John Kasich and Lt. Governor Mary Taylor in Columbus on Monday, January 12th. To enter for your chance to win a ticket to this historic event, please complete the lottery entry form below before December 31st.


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Inaugural History

AMERICA AND OHIO’S history can be counted in a long continuum of new beginnings, public celebrations called inaugurations.  The peaceful, orderly transfer of power from one elected official to the next is the hallmark of our democratic republic. Inaugurations can also be times to celebrate renewal and recommitment to important aims that strengthen our communities.

George Washington became our nation’s first president on April 30th, 1789 when he swore to the oath of office upon the balcony of New York City’s Federal Hall.  (Hand on the Bible, he thought to add the words “so help me God,” to the Constitution’s prescribed promise, an added personal commitment chief executives have repeated ever since.)  His inaugural was a sparkling, grand affair—the fulfillment of a newly independent people set on governing themselves.

Some subsequent presidential inaugurals have been low-key while others have been raucous or prescient, imbued with a sense of history in the making.  Thomas Jefferson, after a contentious election, used his inaugural address to call for a common purpose shared by all Americans regardless of political party.

In Ohio, too, first and second inaugurations of governors have been occasions for celebrations, times to reflect upon both the state’s strengths and moments when challenges can require a recommitment to an important course.  When John Kasich was sworn-in as Ohio’s 69th Governor four years ago, we celebrated a new day in Ohio. As Governor Kasich takes the gubernatorial oath for the second time, we begin another new day in our great state and one more link is forged in a chain of chief executives that goes back to Governor Edward Tiffin at the dawn of Ohio Statehood in 1803.